Enlightenment 0.19.4 (E19) officially supported by CRUX

After some time using Enlightenment E17 and Enlightenment E18, and after some queries from users about the new update to Enlighhtenment E19, finally I decided to add it to CRUX ports collection officially.

Thanks to Wawrzyniec Niewodniczański and Niklas Wennerstrand, who contacted me to provide some patches needed to add this window manager new version officially into Enlightenment CRUX ports collection.

With this new version we add some new dependencies:
– Luajit
– Bullet
– Fribidi
– Pulseaudio (Enlightenment developers have bet for it instead of go ahead supporting ALSA, as usual so far)

To use this new version, if you have any older version installed, it’s recommended (or better said, mandatory), remove any older ports intalled (efl, elementary, evas/emotion loaders and current Enlightenment version in use, e17/e18), in this way there won’t be problems or conflicts when updating to the new version.

Here you can find gitweb access to Enlightenment CRUX ports collection:
Enlightenment CRUX ports collection

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